Friday, November 6, 2009

♥ favorite things from past weeks ♥

Ellen Von Unwerth's Revenge
(a naughty little photographic story filled with femme fatales in stilettos, stable boys and baronesses)
Yoko Onoesque Vintage Sunglasses
(I feel as if I was wearing a mask everytime I put them on)
Serenata de Amor chocolate
(a crusty coat of chocolate filled with peanut cream)
Lovepops Cherry lollipops
(because life is never the same without candy)
Agatha stone
(in my favorite violet and purple tones)
Sanrio's Cinnamoroll tiny coin purse
(hello pretty!)
Gaultier 2 eau de parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier
(A bewithcing oriental with amber, killer vanilla and myrrh)
Tiny pot with button flower from Isa
(I still smile whenever I see it)
Chanel Aqualumiere lipgloss in Party Red
(vivid scarlet for luscious lips)
Yoko Ono's Walking On Thin Ice CD
(I cannot stop listening to it. it's marvelous)
Night Blooming Jasmine Body Cream from Bath & Body Works
(it has been quite hard to find lately!)

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