Wednesday, June 30, 2010

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Michaela Meadow is a wonderful fine artist and a great friend of us. She's also the creative director and curator of a marvelous magazine named Magpie Magazine. Once she painted a dreamy portrait of v* and has featured some of c*'s work in her magazine.

She is truly one of those people that turn every little thing they touch into magic!

Here are her favorite things:

* The book on the right is from a very inspiring exhibition that I saw recently called 'Angels of Anarchy' which was a fantastic collection of women surrealist work, which included some of my favourite artists; Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo and Lee Miller.

*The shell bra was made by my friend Lara Leaf, which I wore recently for a photoshoot we did together where I dressed up as a mermaid.

* I found the little bird's nest in the attic when I moved into my new home.

*Inside the nest is tucked a small crystal prism which I love gazing through and seeing everything reflected in rainbows.

*Rosebud and lace necklace that I made.

*The mermaid postcard is a painting by John William Waterhouse. I was lucky enough to see the original which is on display at The Royal Academy in London.

*The small mother of pearl brooch of a woman's profile was given to me by an old lady and close friend of mine when she was in her 90s. She bought this when she was a girl my age in Paris.

*A piece of honeycomb, which was also a gift from miss leaf, she keeps bees and this comb was one left over from a honey making session. She also gave me the bottle cap with the bee design.

* The necklace of broken glass comes from my mother, she bought it from a market in South Africa in the 70s.

*Delicate blue and red rose print head scarf - this is also my mothers.

*The picture of the two girls is the album cover for Belle and Sebastian for their record 'Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant' which is a perfect album for dreamy summer days.

*The long pearl necklace I found washed up on the beach one day, i'd like to fancy it used to belong to a mermaid!

*The fox badge was made by a group of fantastic english (Brighton based) musicians who are all part of different bands but come together as a collective known as The Willkommen Collective.

*And the rest are a few assorted bits of ceramic, mirrors, shells, feathers and seeds - i'm always collecting little treasures like these on my travels!

you can find her at:


magpie magazine

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

♥ favorite things from past weeks ♥

from left to right

♥ Magpie Magazine Issue 3
(A darling magazine that has published some of my work. It is compiled and run by darling Michaela Meadow, who is a total sweetheart and a marvelous artist herself!)

♥ Polaroid of V & I.

♥ Love journal from 2006 (it still makes me teary eyed)

♥ Lancôme's Rouge a Lévres Color Fever in Beige Everyday
(a nudish beige pink with golden shimmer)

♥ Wildflower seeds sent to me by Iris.

♥ Lancôme's Virtuose Mascara
(because there is nothing like a curved brush to create dramatic lashes)

♥ Harlequin pin that V* gave to me last christmas.

♥ Orchid pin that Dela gave to me.

♥ PJ Harvey's Dry
(one of my favorite records and record covers in the world!)

♥ Greta Garbo's Signature Collection
(I've been watching all of her movies all over again)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

♥ Favorite things past week ♥

♥ Sea memories
♥ Polaroid by Juan Pablo Garza
A young person's guide to the ballet book
♥ Swordfish brooch, a gift from Patricia
♥ Necklace by Nido en las Nubes from their vintage collection
♥ Ginger and honey swirled candy





Tuesday, June 15, 2010

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Objects. from Osvaldo Ponton

All we can say about Osvaldo is that he's a gentleman, a lover and a greatly talented photographer. He wanted to share some of his favorite things with us and we are very happy with the unique way he chose to display them. We hope you enjoy this darling video he's made for us all!

You may know more about Osvaldo and his work here: