Sunday, January 30, 2011

♥ favorite things ♥

♥ El Amante by Marguerite Duras
(I've read this book in english and french but still prefer it in my mothertongue)
♥ Cranberry Joy body butter by The Body Shop
(A gift from my lover, Mimi)
♥ Green Jasmine Tea by Sunflower
(a lovely blend of jasmine blossoms in a darling tin box)
♥ Cream Color Base in Luna by MAC
(the most gorgeous highlighter in the purest works wonders on cheekbones,
browbones, cupid bow's, eyelids and inner eye corners)
♥ Essential oil in Italian Violet by L'Erbario Toscano
(it fills every room with the most nostalgic scent of make-up and romance)
♥ Hello Kitty stawberry lip balm by H&M
(a gift from a darling tiny friend)
♥ Butterfly box
(a gift from Argentina from my darling Flor)
♥ Courtney Love's Nobody's Daughter
(because I'll always and I mean, ALWAYS will love Courtney Love)

♥ Favorite Things ♥

Most things that you see here I received or bought myself as Christmas presents, take a look!

♥ A handmade bracelet my mother in law picked for me in Istambul
♥ Pearl brooch from my eldest sister
♥ Tea in leaves from Tealosophy
♥ A professional recorder from my musician lover (because I'll be teaching music to little kids!)
♥ Alejandra Pizarnik's Diaries
♥ Water Shine lipsticks in Red Hot & Voluminous Pink
Miramar, dried fruit covered with chocolate (my favorite treat from home!)
♥ Rose scented soap, a present from my dear c*

Show me yours!