Sunday, February 28, 2010

♥ favorite things from past weeks ♥

♥ Chanel Nº 19 Eau de Toilette
(a very 70's perfume; fresh, powdery and androgynous).

♥ Diana photograph that v* gave me for Valentine's
(I love it to death)

♥ Rose printed paper tissue that Isa once gave to me.

♥ An old work ID from my Mama.

♥ Rose flavored candy that Dela sent to me over the oceans.

♥ Tiny roses from Dela.

♥ Patisserie lipglosses from Dela.

♥ The Shangri-Las' The Myrmidons of Melodrama
(really, that title is the story of my life).

♥ Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee from Dela.
(I've wanted this book since forever!)

♥ Oversized Viennaline sunglasses.
(I've been wearing them everywhere this week!).


♥ favorite things past week ♥

My favorite things this week came in the mail.. they were sent by my dearest friend Dela:
♥ The Care Bears Movie
♥ Maple candy
♥ Handmade rose hair clip
♥ Handmade The Wizard of Oz and Pansy jewelry boxes
♥ Felt hearts
♥ Bath and Body Works hand cream
♥ The funniest letter!
♥ Neon colors happy face earrings and bracelets
♥ Metallic rose earrings
♥ Iris and dragonfly mini snowball
♥ Miniature sweets
♥ Flowery envelopes to keep secrets


Monday, February 22, 2010

♥ drawing date ♥

This past weekend we had a little drawing date.

We drank flowery tea, shared a chocolate parfait and ate strawberries and bananas, we talked and laughed and drew while listening to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake until our pale fingers were numb.

It was a lovely afternoon.

These are the drawings we made:



Saturday, February 13, 2010

♥ favorite things past weeks ♥

My favorite things last week:

Cléo de Mérode et la photographie book you brought me from a trip
♥ A photograph of my oldest sister and childhood memories
♥ (fake) Heart-shaped ruby earrings
♥ Vintage peep-toe shoes
♥ Porcelain flapper doll
♥ Vintage moonstone brooch


♥ favorite things from past weeks ♥

my funny valentine

♥ Vintage Valentines book by Taschen.

♥ Flesh & The Devil postcard that Dela once sent to me.
(It was glued to my window in my former house so I could see it everyday)

♥ Little Valentine heart from F.
(my first valentine this year!)

♥ Gardenia by Chanel from Les Exclusifs collection.

♥ Powder blush by MAC in Sweetness.

♥ Tiny heart pins that Mathyld gave to me.

♥ Amethyst and Agatha heartshaped stones that my mama gave to me.

♥ "with that feeling of sticky love inside"
(lovenote I once slipped in one of your books).

♥ Juicy Tubes World Tour by Lancôme in Cinnamon Soho
Wet Slicks by CoverGirl in Shimmershell.

♥ The Sensual World by Kate Bush
(the most romantic record ever made).

♥ This song
My Funny Valentine by Nico.