Saturday, February 13, 2010

♥ favorite things from past weeks ♥

my funny valentine

♥ Vintage Valentines book by Taschen.

♥ Flesh & The Devil postcard that Dela once sent to me.
(It was glued to my window in my former house so I could see it everyday)

♥ Little Valentine heart from F.
(my first valentine this year!)

♥ Gardenia by Chanel from Les Exclusifs collection.

♥ Powder blush by MAC in Sweetness.

♥ Tiny heart pins that Mathyld gave to me.

♥ Amethyst and Agatha heartshaped stones that my mama gave to me.

♥ "with that feeling of sticky love inside"
(lovenote I once slipped in one of your books).

♥ Juicy Tubes World Tour by Lancôme in Cinnamon Soho
Wet Slicks by CoverGirl in Shimmershell.

♥ The Sensual World by Kate Bush
(the most romantic record ever made).

♥ This song
My Funny Valentine by Nico.



  1. So sweet !
    It made me smile !
    I love this heart-shaped amethyst ! Wow !
    And so nice to see the little pins ♥

    Valentine Kisses !
    x x x

  2. oh darling mathyld
    You are always always in my heart
    I miss you so