Thursday, December 31, 2009

♥ darling christmas presents ♥

I was very lucky this christmas because I got many darling presents from my lover, family and friends. These are some of my favorites:
♥ Two (actually three) sets of hand-painted Matrioshkas
♥ Pansy silver bracelet
♥ Handmade pink swan brooch by isabird
♥ Handmade necklace by Square
♥ Origami earrings
♥ Coin pouch
♥ "Donde mejor cantan los pájaros" by Jodorowsky
♥ Rose soap

Show me what you got!

♥ christmas presents ♥

These are some of the darling presents I got from a my family, dear friends and a man that I love madly.

♥ Chanel Aqualumiere Lipshine in Majorca.
♥ A lovely key hanger with a victrola on it.
♥ organic rose soap from La Jaboneria Galesa.
♥ A lovely vintage love letter with roses.
♥ A tiny tin pail with Jamima puddle-duck.
♥ A porcelain chest with a Mucha print.
♥ Daphne Eau de Parfum by Comme des Garçons
(the perfume created by Daphne Guinness!)
♥ Vintage Barbie magnets.

Show me yours darling v*

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Sara B is one of those darling creatures dancing softly between the angelic and the human realm.
Most of the time we hardly believe she inhabits the same space as most mortals yet she happens to surpirse us and charm our hearts with her wonderful photographs and writings.

You can always find this amazing authentic quality in everything she puts her heart to

She is a terribly lovely pen pal and has the purest of hearts.
We adore her so!

This is her beautiful collaboration:

1. Russian scarf
2. Book "Lady Hawarden: Studies from Life"
(Victorian photographs of dreamy girls)
3. Mary & Jesus charm bracelet
4. Virgin Mary medal & Turquoise pendant
5. Painted prayer cards to the little Shepherds of Fatima, Jacinta & Francisco
6. Tokyo Milk solid perfume in "Scarlett"
(Guaranteed metamorphosis into a Rose)
7. Josephine Foster's "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
(19th century German Lieder set to ethereal electric guitar & vocals)
8. Notebook featuring a vintage Portuguese music poster
9. Seda France scented candle in "French Tulip"
(You'll feel like Mrs. Dalloway walking into a flowershop)
10. Photograph of my grandmother in the 1940s
(I love love love her)

you can take a peek at her magic world at:

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Isabird is one of our favorite girls, we both met her at different times in our lives and we all have managed to stay lovers and friends despite of all the years and the heartache.

She makes the most darling handmade owls, birds and felt accessories, her creations are so heavenly that most times we cannot believe she is human at all.

(from left to right)

1. peter rabbit baby blue tin pail.
2. old skeleton key i bought in an antiques store and like to carry around my neck.
3. yardley's rose bar soap. its scent is a bit overpowering and it is not the most moisturizing, but i love me some grandmas' soap.
4. fabric pouch made by v*. it closes up with a little apple button and it has my nickname embroidered. inside it, i keep the first two owlettes i ever made (that's why they're funny-looking and one is beak-less)
5. wall-e posable figurine that my sweetheart gave me a few days ago (it's almost movie quality). i think wall-e is one of my favorite movies, i watched it about 20 times in the past months. it's filled with little details and surprises and i never get bored of it.
6. russian hand-painted wooden pin that dela gave me. i need to wear it more often.
7. vintage two-toned eye glasses.

you can find her at:

and you can take a look at her wonderful creations here;

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Ana Sofia is a darling girl who always surprises us with her beautiful photographs and lovely tunes. She is also a tea lover and we would love to see her more often. Did we mention she has the cutest puppy named Rocco?

Take a look at these beautiful photographs she's taken to show us her favorite things from past weeks:

The last book I bought for myself, "Chamario"
Peacock Feather
Little porcelain plate with my name on it, souvenir from Portugal
My Diana Mini camera
Purple Charm, gift from my cousin
Sea treasures, some found by me
Lipton White Tea
Sigur Rós' "Hvarf-Heim" CD. can't stop loving it

You may find her gorgeous photographs at
Also, visit Bi-Log to listen to her band's music!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

♥ sweet breakfast ♥

The best part of having breakfast in bed is eating with no worries and lazing off until you feel like facing the world again. I love to make my own breakfast and sit with a magazine or a book to read until it's time to go out again. If it was up to me, I could stay in bed forever.

Today I had some cereal with strawberries and blueberries, jasmine tea, a piece of soft sponge cake filled with cherry jam and chocolate with almonds.

A breakfast is never complete until chocolate make its wonderful appearance.


♥ sweet breakfast ♥

On vacation it is always nice to have breakfast in bed, just because it makes me feel like a princess (even if I have to prepare it myself). This morning I made me some jasmine tea to go with a blueberry muffin. I also had a honey bum half spreaded with peach jam and the other half with rose jam. I accompanied my overly-sweet meal with bougainvilleas flowers I picked out last night from my garden.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Mariadela is one of our most dearest friends, she now lives far away and we miss her terribly. She is a big hearted girl who loves all things pretty. She's got the softest hands and the sweetest laughter we've heard.

Take a look at these pretty little things that warm her heart:

Strawberry patch and Vanilla bean noel Home frangance oils
Caramel latte lipgloss
Little bobbing head turtle my husband gave me a while ago
Little button flower in vase dear Miss P. gave me this year
Gorgeous matryoshka made by Isabird (before Nido en las Nubes was oficially born, I think)
Twilight woods mini spray (it's almost done, tho, HEARTBREAK!)
Lovely cross stich flower cameo by V*
Ice cream cone shaped kitchen timer
Vanilla noir body cream
White chocolate mousse by Lindt (which is swiss for "chocolate geniuses")
Make up forever undereye concealer (should be called Miracle forever)
Cute UFO bookmark Zofia gave to me
Beautiful handkie by Mavi and Nirba :P
Tiny eraser my husband won for me
Pictures and memories of my loved ones

You may find her lovely photographs at

Monday, December 14, 2009

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Ulises Hadjis is one songbird we never get tired of listening to,
his songs are filled with such poetic images and a kind of warm intimacy
that leaves you wanting more every time you listen to his voice...

He is also dear v*'s sweetheart
and we both have a great love and respect for him.

Please find a way to get your little hands on his album Presente
you will certainly not regret it!

♥ a knitting needle my grandmother gave me (yes, I know how to knit)
♥ my first drum stick
♥ my favorite book "Jeremías en sombralandia"
♥ a Christmas decoration that my girlfriend made herself when she was little
♥ a freesbee that two of my friends drew for me when I was a teenager

You may find Ulises at

♥ favorite things from past weeks ♥

♥ Kitten stickers you brought me from a trip.
♥ Tiny Hello Kitty charm that came with a pen.
♥ Fan shaped porcelain chest my darling friend A. brought from a trip.
♥ Creamy lipstick by Art Deco in Mauve nº 22.
♥ Dried rose petals a lover once sent me.
♥ Enchanted Orchid by Bath & Body Works.
♥ Chanel Nº 5 Eau Première.
♥ Frida Kahlo chest where I keep lace and silk ribbons.