Thursday, December 31, 2009

♥ darling christmas presents ♥

I was very lucky this christmas because I got many darling presents from my lover, family and friends. These are some of my favorites:
♥ Two (actually three) sets of hand-painted Matrioshkas
♥ Pansy silver bracelet
♥ Handmade pink swan brooch by isabird
♥ Handmade necklace by Square
♥ Origami earrings
♥ Coin pouch
♥ "Donde mejor cantan los pájaros" by Jodorowsky
♥ Rose soap

Show me what you got!


  1. oh, the rose soap looks lovely and i bet it probably smells even better. glad you had such thoughtful gifts from your loved ones :) i haven't posted mine yet, but i have a preview of my birthday necklace on my blog.

  2. oh darling that rose soap is heaven made,
    i hope you got nice presents as well.
    i'll be happy to visit your blog right away!

  3. Matryoshkas, how darling! And I can almost smell that soap from how pretty it looks :) Happy new year!

  4. Waw, what pretty things! Your family and friends sure got splendid taste! :)