Tuesday, March 8, 2011

♥ Favorite things past week ♥

♥ Little summer hat (that keeps sun rays away!)
♥ Summer correspondence with my most missed darling Andre who's away of town (isn't snail mail the best?)
Anne Taylor postcard and crossed stitch earrings from my dearest Deli (they traveled all over the oceans with some other lovely things to reach me, you're the best!)
Silvina Ocampo's Anthology, her short stories are full of beautiful images and magic happenings
♥ An art noveau brooch I found at an antique shop a while ago


Monday, March 7, 2011

♥ favorite things ♥

♥ a darling fowering plant my darling friend Joe gave to me
♥ Mary Kubota's illustrations
♥ Bat For Lashes' Two Suns
♥ Suave's Sweet Pea & Violet Body Wash
♥ Revlon's Mineral Finishing Powder
(more like a dreamy glowy highlighter)
♥ Art Deco's Beauty Box with pink and coral powder blush
(because pink cheeks are an absolute must in my life)
♥ Pink cream shadow in a soft moonlight color