Wednesday, December 23, 2009

♥ sweet breakfast ♥

On vacation it is always nice to have breakfast in bed, just because it makes me feel like a princess (even if I have to prepare it myself). This morning I made me some jasmine tea to go with a blueberry muffin. I also had a honey bum half spreaded with peach jam and the other half with rose jam. I accompanied my overly-sweet meal with bougainvilleas flowers I picked out last night from my garden.



  1. I love your flowers! That sweet little bottle looks familiar... is it from apple juice?

    Lovely, lovely... I'm in love with you both.


  2. yes, it's from apple juice! C* wa sgoing to get rid of it but i took it to put flowers in it.
    oh darling, you've made me blush ♥

  3. Oh I'm madly in love with having rose jam too, it has the loveliest after taste. I also adore looking through the jar and seeing all the petals glistening in the sunlight. <3