Saturday, December 19, 2009

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Mariadela is one of our most dearest friends, she now lives far away and we miss her terribly. She is a big hearted girl who loves all things pretty. She's got the softest hands and the sweetest laughter we've heard.

Take a look at these pretty little things that warm her heart:

Strawberry patch and Vanilla bean noel Home frangance oils
Caramel latte lipgloss
Little bobbing head turtle my husband gave me a while ago
Little button flower in vase dear Miss P. gave me this year
Gorgeous matryoshka made by Isabird (before Nido en las Nubes was oficially born, I think)
Twilight woods mini spray (it's almost done, tho, HEARTBREAK!)
Lovely cross stich flower cameo by V*
Ice cream cone shaped kitchen timer
Vanilla noir body cream
White chocolate mousse by Lindt (which is swiss for "chocolate geniuses")
Make up forever undereye concealer (should be called Miracle forever)
Cute UFO bookmark Zofia gave to me
Beautiful handkie by Mavi and Nirba :P
Tiny eraser my husband won for me
Pictures and memories of my loved ones

You may find her lovely photographs at


  1. haha tampoco sé si fue pre-nido pero es definitivamente vintage!
    amo ese kitchen timer, you have the loveliest pretty things <3