Wednesday, December 2, 2009

♥ favorite things from last week ♥

♥ Flower photos once sent to me in snail mail.
♥ Little drawing Caitlin Shearer sent me on a darling package.
♥ Prince magnet from Papaya Love Magnets sent to me by Sara B.
♥ Caitlin Shearer print (which I love to death)
♥ Loveletter.
♥ Glam'eyes mascara on black by Rimmel.
♥ Estee Lauder's Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby
(a darling rosebud nude pink).
♥ L'Occitane's lip gloss in Rose Bonbon.
♥ Little baby blue finger bows sent to me in snail mail by Sanna.
♥ String of violet pearls I bought for myself a long time ago.
♥ Amarige Eau de Toilette by Givenchy.
♥ Golden Heart coaster sent to me in snail mail.



  1. Hello babes... my favourite thing - the gold coaster <3.

    How is the Rimmel mascara? I was about to buy one the other day but I wasn't sure... I like really big exaggerated lashes so, you know, that is a concern of mine.

  2. hello darling.
    The Rimmel mascara is a dream. I am totally in love with super long & thick Joan Crawford lashes too! This mascara promises volume but it delivers more length and definition. It's quite lovely when you are going for the doe-eye long lash look but for volume look for Cover Girl's Lash Blast. It's amazing. You can build it up until your arms hurt or until you get those perfectly long dreamy 60's lashes.