Saturday, November 13, 2010

♥ Darling show me your heart ♥

Patricia is one of those girls you'd never expect to randomly meet on the streets, however, her beauty would certainly catch you eye's attention at once. She's got an entire world of her own under her skin and we always enjoy seeing glimpses of it through her photographs and writing. We share our love for vintage shops, blushed cheeks and girly chats.

These are some of her favorite things:

♥ Camisola blanca con encaje, hecha por mi Madre
Lacy blouse sewn by my mother

♥ Libro de Frida Kahlo, regalo secreto
Frida Khalo book, a secret gift

♥ Polaroids secretas
Secret polaroids

♥ Peinetas espaƱolas antiguas
Vintage Spanish ornamental combs

♥ Pastillero, regalo de V*
Pillbox, a gift from V*

If you'd like to see more of Patricia you may click here, and also here.

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