Sunday, December 12, 2010

♥ Favorite Things ♥

My favorite things past week were some of the lovely birthday presents that I was given by my darling friends:

♥ Nail polish in baby pink and baby blue
♥ Lacy hair bow
♥ Pearl and coral necklace
Letters about art by Michel Duchamp
♥ Valmy lipstick in Cayena color
♥ Postcards made by Andre
♥ Dollymix brooch made by C*
♥ Rose scented body milk
♥ Photographs by Dimas
♥ Handmade recycled notebook



  1. for christmas i got a wonderful scent: calamity j by juliette has a gun. i think you would love it. HNY from nicky p xxx

  2. oh I love your collection of pretty goodies. How great is the movie heavenly creatures- Ive not watched it in ages but I think I will get it out tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful 2011.

  3. you have some generous friends! i love the little notebook.

  4. oh siempre detesto llegar con delay aquí (estoy a trasmano de todo) pero esta vez vine en el momento justo, necesitaba sentirme cercacercacerquiisimo de vos y un poco he podido hacerlo a través de mis pequeños presentes. qué lindo que te hayan gustado, sí.
    te extraño v*, no me tardaré en escribirte.
    pequeño c*, si me lees, te mando un abrazo doble.