Wednesday, January 20, 2010

♥ favorite things from last week ♥

(always and forevermore)

♥ notebook filled with photographs of nymphs and women I love
(I started keeping this after a visit I made to Empress Sissi's castle where I saw
a book she kept with photographs of all the women she thought to be beautiful and fair!).

♥ the opulent high drama of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love.
(a record I want to be buried with).

♥ a photo of Brigitte Bardot that Pola sent to me.

♥ Blush Délicieux in Rose Guimauve by L'Oreal.

♥ Lancôme's Juicy Tubes Tunes in Marshmallow Electro.

♥ Antique lace that Pola once sent to me.

♥ a Heavenly Creatures photo still you gave to me.
(you & I, you & I).

♥ a heartshaped Marie Antoinette pill box that belongs to my mama.

♥ a ticket to Musée Rodin from my last summer in Paris.

♥ dried roses a man I adore gave to me.
(sometimes you bring me flowers).

♥ tiny candles that my dearest F. brought to me.

show me yours, babycakes!


  1. Oh la la !
    This notebook ♥ I love the photographs you collected in it, too !
    And of course, you know that already : I adore this lace !
    x x x

  2. how funny i just bought a tiny little book (no wider than 2 inches) to keep photos of my favourite women! i must take pictures to show you!

  3. Oh Mathyld, you are such a blossom!
    I adore you!

    yes yes you must take photographs of your darling book.
    I love you!