Thursday, January 21, 2010

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Mathyld is a wonderful crafter, blogger and friend of ours.
She lives in Paris & has this special gift to transform every little thing she touches into something ethereal and terribly romantic. She has a divine fascination with pre-raphaelite art, tea and violets too!
Her creations are little wonders you could only dream of finding in fairytales and secret gardens.

Today she shares her favorite things with us:

☂ 1900s lace & black silk blouse, a gift from my dear friend Barbara
☂ Antique sterling silver locket, from Alice, my mother's mother
☂ 1903 edition of "Spencer's poems" illustrated by my favourite artist : Jessie Marion King, a gift from my mother
☂ Squirrel embroidered brooch, by my friend Lisa (Lou Lou & Oscar)
☂ Light-pink crocheted stone, by my friend Margie (Resurrection Fern)
☂ A bobin of antique lace trims, a gift from one of my mother's best friends

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please visit Mathyld at:

Encore Petite


  1. Thank you so much, V* & C*, for having me in your beautiful blog. I always daydream while I wander here ...

    x x x

  2. oh darling, you are always always welcome!
    we love love having you over,
    it's such an honor!


  3. Yes, yes, thank you so much for such lovely contribution.
    Good luck at the Poppies contest, I have already voted for your lovley creations!

  4. It is always such a joy to look at Mathyld's images, they are beautiful and as sweet as sugar almonds. Thank you for sharing your favourite things with us M, you made my day, Squirrel is super proud to be included! That blouse is exquisite, I wonder if Mathyld ever wears it?

  5. mathyld--i love seeing you around 'everywhere'. so many hearts to you!

  6. What a darling blouse! I think it was made by baby doves and darling daisies...