Thursday, April 22, 2010

♥ Hello darling, show me your heart! ♥

Lots more form our dearest Dimas!

Old english tea can with sequences of Cinderella’s story on it, full of stamps (Mom’s).

Pictures by Amaia*, my photo partner and one of my favorite photographers.

♥ Old potos and postcards, the kind of most fascinating things that can exist.

♥ Poems by Alejandra Pizarnik, one of the most interesting and intriguing souls that have ever existed.

♥ Sista Valentina in the garden, one of my favorite pictures ever.

♥ Macanudo Universal by Liniers.

♥ An Eureka’s old pastels can. Belonged to my admired aunt Silvia’s, the artist of the family.

♥ My Winnipeg, film by Guy Maddin. Inevitably beautiful.

♥ Bird of Music, by Au Revoir Simone. Pretty dreamy sounds.

♥ ‘La ventana’,Maravillas’,Un día gris’ y ‘Víctor’.

Aventuras de Kirlian, by Aventuras de Kirlian. Extreme minimalism, sadness, urgency, happiness and nostalgia in less than ten songs. Probably the album I love the most, impossible not to ‘cause has songs like (The window), (Marvels), (A grey day) and Víctor.

(March), book by Lucas Martí, lots of brilliant ideas in such a small thing.

♥ Scrabel, An addiction in my early days.

♥ Othello, “a minute to Learn – a lifetime to master".

♥ T.E.G., a classical game for every argentiny child.

♥ Underachievers Please Try Harder by Camera Obscura. Never get tired of it, it’s just great.

♥ A drawing my sister Mara did, based on a text of mine. I adore it.

♥ A portrait of Björk by Agostina Pazzia.

♥ A little beautiful serviette that V* the Sweet gave me.

♥ 107 Faunos, by (107 Fauns). Rainboweyedfeatheredmole colors and sounds, get together!

♥ Flora and Fauna, by Olga. Delicious jam for the ear.

♥ Atypica mag, best thing to read during urban and personal trips.

♥ Catalogue, almost 1kg of fashion at reach of your hand every season.


  1. oh lo que me había perdido, nunca había visto los posts! qué lindo y qué honor y qué bello y qué mal se ven mis fotos jajaa ese día estaba oscureciendo más temprano, además me había llevado cierto tiempo ubicar todo así que para cuando pude tomarlas el sol ya estaba bostezando, ufa.
    la cosa es que es fantástico tener mis cosillas aquí. los quiero tanto tanto tanto!

  2. i love your things here too dimas <3
    they are so good all together like this